Behind the project

Designed to last

For trigram, sustainability means creating timeless designs. We ensure our bags age well, because we want all our products to live long and prosper.

Having grown up in a family surrounded by people who made a living designing, making, selling handbags, saying we knew nothing about bags would be an understatement.

But asserting we knew the product very well would have been slightly inaccurate. 

We'll be sharing three guiding principles to develop a quality product. These are based on our observations, experience, and advice from product experts.

一 Taking our time

We design timeless products and drop them by Series, far from the rhythm of fast-fashion brands. That's why we care so much about product development and manufacturing process and make sure it’s done the right way. This is how it goes:

二 Seeking quality materials

No matter how great your design is, it won't look good if it's interpreted in the wrong material. That’s how important finding the right material is.

We believe being more responsible should be the norm and be something all brands must strive toward every day.

三 Bringing in experts

Surround yourself with technical, material, or product experts, and consistently communicate with them. This is fundamental to ensure products are made the way we wanted them to look while taking into consideration technique, cost optimisation, and product durability.

All in all, a good design requires the combination of…

A Good Technique: With technical engineers expertise, Choosing the right reinforcements, A cost-efficient design

A Good Design: Style and Creativity, Functionality and Versatility, Aiming for a design that can last through years

A Good Material: Comfort, Durability, Wearability

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