Carry your story wherever you go

trigram x PF TSAI

We portray your heritage. Tell us how now!

Design your own story

An initial tribute to our family

Bags are not only meant to be carried. It is a means of conveying a story, an emotion, or a message.

We asked our friend and talented designer Pingfang Tsai (aka PF TSAI) to create for us some unique pattern designs, based on personal family portraits reminiscent of why we built trigram.

The bag as a canvas

Much like a painting, a trigram bag is similar to a canvas for artistic inspiration, emotions and colourful manifestation.  

In collaboration with PF TSAI, we want to give you the opportunity to tell your story through our everyday bags.


Pingfang Tsai is a Taiwanese independent fashion designer based in Paris.

Passionate about portrait painting, she draws the faces of the people she meets on her creations.

The young designer communicates her passion for art and fashion through colourful illustrations inspired by love, science and culture.


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