Behind the project


In order to make sure to create the best product possible for you, we only work with trusted and certified suppliers.

Our main manufacturing partner

Our dedicated partner has been making bags since 2005. With a number of quality certifications, the manufacturer demonstrates a strong commitment to social responsibility and to reducing its environmental impact.

Located in Dongguan, China
Number of employees: 150
Established in 2005
Certificates & Audits: BSCI, GRS, REACH-compliant, BCI

Working directly with our supplier

trigram has been intimately connected to manufacturing since the beginning. During the project launch, we had the opportunity to work on-site, in direct and continuous contact with our supplier's prototype team.

We are grateful to be deeply involved in the development of our products, as well as in the batch-production follow-up.

Responsibly produced in China

All trigram products are manufactured in China.

Why? It is simply the most fitting spot for our product range with its multitude of different materials and sourcing. We know production is crucial. That is why we regularly connect with the production atelier. We also ensure the factory is audited yearly and check the processes personally.

For all those reasons, we firmly stand behind every product we make.

Worker well-being

We are committed to ensuring human rights are upheld everywhere our products are made. We make sure every employee is treated with respect, by providing a safe and healthy workplace, reasonable working hours, and fair treatment:

- All the workers work under regular employment with the factory.
- All hours of work comply with law and industry standards. Overtime shift shall be voluntary, and shall not exceed 12 hours per week.
- Our employees are informed of the workplace rights, and can voice concerns through anonymous channels.
- The factory provides a safe and hygienic working environment.

Free shipping available

Depending on order price and where you live in the world.

1-Year Warranty

We guarantee a good quality in all our products. Available only in France.

Money back guarantee

If you do not like your product, return your package within 14 days.