Our story

First of all, trigram is a family story. Two generations ago, our grandparents came to France in the 1980s. In the pursuit of a better life, they opened their own workshop in the heart of Paris and started making small leather goods.

Through hard work, trial & error, and a taste for entrepreneurship, our family sharpened and expanded their understanding of the handbag industry across generations.

For us, launching trigram is about connecting with this legacy, while creating great products that would resonate with our own values and taste.

trigram is founded by Laurence, Clarisse & Kevin. Three siblings who come from different fields but share similar goals. The idea of creating trigram emerged while we were on a discovery trip back in 2018, where many hours were spent discussing about life, the future, and our identity.

In 2020, as the three of us have graduated (respectively in business, architecture and international affairs), we saw an opportunity to start working all together on this exciting new adventure.

Summer 2021, we are proud to launch our first Series we are trigram.

Free shipping available

Depending on order price and where you live in the world.

1-Year Warranty

We guarantee a good quality in all our products. Available only in France.

Money back guarantee

If you do not like your product, return your package within 14 days.