Behind the project


We carefully select materials based on their durability, robustness, physical and chemical properties. We make great efforts to search, develop, and invest in quality materials with our suppliers.

Matte water-repellent Nylon

Nylon is a synthetic material known for its high-performance and excellent resistance to wear and tear over time. We have sourced this high-quality nylon imported from Taiwan: 100% polyamide fabric with a water-repellent coating on top. We chose this material because of its matte aspect, soft "cloudy" touch, lightweight property and robustness.


Woven polyester fibers are used in our bags' lining. The polyester gives a good structure to the bag's interior.

Metallic Hardware

All metallics parts are specifically designed for trigram. And it's all nickel-free.


We designed and optimised our packaging to minimise our carbon footprint. No more box in a box.

For the moment, our products are wrapped in plastic bags but we are working on sustainable alternatives.

Quality Control

Throughout the design and development process, materials are tested in-house, in the lab and in the field.

Our manufacturing partner closely works with several test companies and material suppliers to ensure and certify materials are toxic-free.

Free shipping available

Depending on order price and where you live in the world.

1-Year Warranty

We guarantee a good quality in all our products. Available only in France.

Money back guarantee

If you do not like your product, return your package within 14 days.