Who we are

Established in 2020, trigram is a brand project that offers bags for everyday. trigram wants to create essential products with contemporary aesthetics, using quality materials and without compromising on functionality.

The brand takes its cues from different cultures, personal experiences, and random things we think are cool.

trigram aims to evolve into an inspiring creative space where cultural perspectives and inspirational stories are shared.

Our design studio is based in Paris.

It all started with the idea of 3 siblings who shared the same values. We put a name to it: trigram \tʁai.ɡʁam\.

Initially coming from traditional Chinese culture, a trigram is a figure composed of three consecutive lines.

For us, a trigram can perfectly embody the association of 3 characters, sometimes different, sometimes identical, but that always complement each other.

Calling our project trigram was also a way for us to pay tribute to our family and roots while expanding our own understanding of culture.

Discover the story behind our logo.

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1-Year Warranty

We guarantee a good quality in all our products. Available only in France.

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If you do not like your product, return your package within 14 days.