Behind the project


Transparency provides data, data provides knowledge.

Know your cost

Each of our bag has a story, a value, an impact. Faced with these facts, we try as much as possible to leave no number in the dark.

We reveal the costs behind every aspect of our production process.

Like that, we reduce uncertainty and inspire more confidence over our products.

The real cost of things

Do you have an idea of the cost of selling a bag?

We believe our customers have the right to know the true cost behind our products - from materials to labor as well as transportation.

By reducing the cost of intermediaries, trigram offers good products, at a good

Our price vs. Traditional retail

By reducing the cost of intermediaries,  trigram offers good products at a good price. 

While traditional brands can mark up the cost of the product by 5-6 times, our mark-up is only 2-3 times our cost of production.

This pricing ensures that more of your money is invested in quality materials and the fair compensation of the manufacturers.

Free shipping available

Starting on orders over
€35 in France and €50 in Europe

1-Year Warranty

We guarantee a good quality in all our products. Available only in France.

Money back guarantee

If you do not like your product, return your package within 14 days.