Creating a collection using leftovers fabrics

  • by laurence c.

We believe that social and environmental issues go hand in hand and through exploring the connection between these issues we may find innovative design solutions to sustainability.

Whenever you make something, there are leftovers. After launching the first batch of our first collection, we ended up with perfectly good but nonreturnable fabric on the bolts.

So Clarisse and the supplier's atelier (who are nuts about bolts) came up with this idea.

In August, we dropped this limited Leftovers Capsule Collection. We created 65 objects, featuring three key pieces: a Reversible Bucket Hat, Scrunchies and a Key Ring.

Instead of discarding the material, fabrics, hardware and woven label have been repurposed, without compromising performance or quality. They’re unique, a little bit quirky and, most importantly, make sure the leftovers aren’t left behind :)




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