A letter for 2022

  • by laurence c.

I don’t often post about my personal thoughts out there, but I figured this special year might qualify as an exception.

🍊 2021 is the year I launched trigram, a contemporary and lifestyle brand project with my siblings Kevin and Clarisse.

- We pride ourselves in creating a warmly-welcomed first 8 bags collection, a capsule accessories drop, and a new holidays color drop.
- We pushed forward to consistently create and tell meaningful stories to the world through authentic words and our own lens (literally).
- We launched our e-shop in June, and even organized a holidays pop-up store with in Paris to test the market, and the feedback has been great.

🍊 2021 is the year we met with other entrepreneurs, creators, buyers, and event organisers as a new and ambitious brand on the market. We thank them for their trust, their benevolence and their time. Special thanks to House of Tribes, SEEK Tradeshow, Revolver, Meimee House, La Fine Equipe, SEVA, Minute Papillon, Comme un Camion, Choose, Red Dot, NOUD Studio, Pingfang Tsai

(on a more personal level)
🍊 2021 is the year I worked together with my siblings. We learned from each other A LOT, and I learned about myself too, in times of crazy over-the-roof joy, but also in times of doubts. So, thank you both Kev & Cla, I'm grateful we get to work together.

And most importantly.
🍊 2021 is a year of beginnings and all of this happened thanks to all the people who supported us. To those we connected with, who shared their experience, to the friends and family who helped us without blinking. THANK YOU AGAIN.

🍊 2022 will be about much more.
We are an ambitious trio, you can count on us to on steering the trigram wheel towards exciting new destinations.

One love,


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